We get to ask God! – session four

After the address - calling out to Our Father in Heaven - the rest of the Lord’s Prayer (see Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:1-4) could be structured in halves:  3 requests made for God’s sake (name, kingdom, will), followed by 3 petitions for our corporate needs (provision, pardon, protection). In the following video, I explore briefly how God’s grace to us is reflected in the ‘asking’ nature of prayer. What an incredible privilege.

As ever, if you want to interact, then please leave a question, clarification or thought in the comments section. You can also email me your prayer items at paul[dot]winch[at]credo[]org[]au or respond to my sms messages.

Go team Credo! As you serve the Lord Christ in all you do this week and beyond remember the wonder it is that we get to work with and for the Lord through our requests of him in prayer.


A. At times we need some help with prayer and I've found the Monday morning 9am Credo prayer meeting a great way to kick off my week (not that I go each time). One of the things I've appreciated is that it is 90% actual prayer and only 10% fluff, because the focus is asking big 'disruptive' kingdom-come type requests. What a way to set the agenda for the week ahead in just 30mins! https://credo.org.au/zoom-prayer

B. This much longer video says it all (and more as well) even better!

SUTS 2020 PeterAdam 1 _ Praying in Gods Presence from CMS Victoria on Vimeo.